Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Doctor Was In...

I spent no less than 72 hours cleaning carpets today at work, but it seemed much longer than that. We are moving our offices from one end of our building to the other, and our new suite doesn't seem to have been cleaned any time recently. So we rented a Rug Doctor and I spent the day with it. You'd think we would have become good friends after spending so much time together, but I was happy to say goodbye at the end of the day.

Actually I kind of like Rug Doctors. They really work well, getting all sorts of unseen dirt and grime out of your carpet, but the downside is that they get all sorts of unseen dirt and grime out of your carpet. Have you ever seen the dirty water that comes out of one of these things after scrubbing for just a couple of minutes? It is gross! Today I emptied at least a billion buckets of dirty water and each one was just as dirty as the one before it. At the end of the day there was a pile of detritus at the bottom of the bucket that I could have filled the kids' sandbox with. Where does all this dirt come from? How does it hide in the carpet even after vacuuming several times? It boggles my mind.

Before today I think the last time I used a Rug Doctor was back when we bought our first house. It was a foreclosure, and it was obvious that the previous owners hadn't taken very good care of the place before they left. There were two big stains in the carpet in both the bedrooms upstairs. I am not going to accuse anyone of anything, but it was pretty clear in my eyes that these were bloodstains and that multiple murders had taken place in the house. The Wife claims that the stains were probably Coke or some other reddish brown soda. All I know for sure is that I had to work at it for a while, like at least 72 hours that day, but the Rug Doctor finally got enough of the blood stains up that we didn't feel like we needed to wear HAZMAT suits every time we walked in those rooms. I'm glad, because one of those bedrooms was ours, and sleeping in HAZMAT suits is no fun. I never did hear if they caught the killer...   
If I only I had watched CSI before I cleaned up the blood stains, maybe a killer would be behind bars right now... Oh well.

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