Monday, March 16, 2015

This Post is Exponentially Cool

This post will probably only be enjoyed by about 10% of the people who read it, but really that's only about .6% lower than all my other posts, so I'm cool with that.

I say that only 10% of people will enjoy this because that's about the percentage of anglers in the U.S. who fly fish. I am one of those people, which means that I am super excited that the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo is happening this coming weekend just up the road from me in the city of Blaine, MN.

I have to admit that Blaine is not my favorite town. I lived there for 4 months about 15 years ago. Back then it was a large suburb of Minneapolis that was completely filled with people who wanted to drive the same direction as me every rush hour. It took forever to get anywhere, so I was glad to move out when I did. It seemed like I spent those entire four months in my car...

Now, I am glad to be heading back to Blaine, not only because I will most likely be heading in the opposite direction as all that traffic, but also because I will be one of the fly tyers making up "Tyer's Row" at the Expo. People enjoying the Expo can mosey by and watch me tie up some of my signature flies, and I might even give out free tying tips if they're nice to me. Plus there will be all sorts of other fly fishing things to see, buy, and learn about. And as many flannel shirts as you will ever see in one location now that the grunge rock movement is done. If you're interested, and who wouldn't be after the sales job I just laid on you, check out the Expo website at Hope to see you there this weekend!

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