Friday, April 17, 2015

A Record Deal

We are planning on having a garage sale this spring, if we can get our butts in gear and actually get things priced. We've got lots of stuff to sell, enough that I can see us making at least a billion dollars, but if we don't get things priced it won't happen.

Along with our own stuff, we have started to go through some things at my parents' house. My mom asked if I would try to get rid of a few old 33 RPM record albums for her (If you are a whipper snapper, a record album is the 1970s' equivalent of today's CD, only larger). When I showed up to get them, I could scarcely fit them in my car. And that was just 6 albums! (Those things were big compared to CDs!)

I didn't think old records would sell all that well, so I did some investigating online. Turns out there are still quite a few people who like to listen to their old record players, for whatever reason, so I thought I should try to sell a few on ebay, just to see if anyone would want them.

Out of the piles of records I got from my mom, I chose one from Elvis, a soundtrack type album from the Dukes of Hazzard, and a bunch of Dolly Parton records to start with. The Dolly Parton ones sold within a few hours. I am not sure if that's a sign of a resurgence in listening to albums, or maybe there are people out there who can't afford CD players. Or, more likely, maybe it's just some pervert who likes looking at pictures of Dolly Parton. Whatever it is, I can't believe they sold so fast.

The Dukes of Hazzard record also sold unbelievably quickly. With the success of that soundtrack, I decided the next one to list was going to be a soundtrack of the movie E.T., but to sweeten the deal I threw in a second E.T.-themed record that starred the now-dead Michael Jackson. Apparently, anything with the
Look at those two adorable aliens!
likeness of a strange, off-color being from another planet sells very quickly. And putting him next to E.T. probably didn't hurt, either! (Ba-dump bump!)

Nothing else in the pile of albums seems all that noteworthy, so perhaps the rest will be donated, either to Goodwill or a dumpster. That won't happen for a while, though, so if you're in the market for some old records, send me a note. Whatever kind of music you listen to, there's a chance we might have it. Sorry, all the E.T. records have been sold.

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