Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thank You!

The fanfare and pageantry were at the highest level. There were lights (in the ceiling), cameras (in their respective carrying cases), and paparazzi (actually that was just my sister-in-law's dog). There was a buzz throughout the room that was palpable. Or perhaps it was a palp throughout the room that was buzzable. Whatever that means... Whatever it was, the whole scene meant that only one thing was going on: the Bloggie Award winners were about to be announced!

Once again, this little ol' blog, Chaotic Kids & Clutter, was a finalist at the Bloggie Awards this year. You may remember that last year CK&C was not only a finalist, but also a winner in the category of Best Kept Secret blog. I am not entirely sure what came over the voting public last year, but for some reason this blog won, and I am not about to give back my award any time soon.

I was super excited to find out that we were a finalist once again this year, and in the same category as last year, Best Kept Secret blog. I guess we here at Chaotic Kids & Clutter are really good at keeping secrets, despite our best efforts not to.

This year, like last, we were up against some stiff competition, so I figured it would be a long shot if we defended our title. And, what do you know, I was right! This year's winner was Pocketful of Joules (, a fun lifestyle and fashion blog by, you guessed it, Joules. You should head over and check it out some time...but be sure and come back here when you're done.

So, I have no big win to announce this year, but that's OK. It is definitely a huge honor to be a finalist, and maybe it will make me kick things up a notch in the future so I can get back in the winner's circle next year...nah, I'll just keep writing the same goofy stuff I've always written. If you voted for me this year, Thanks! Next year tell a friend!

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