Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Blissful Decade

I have had some strange decades in my life, but for sure the last 10 years have got to be the best, so far. I say "so far" because both the Wife and I fully believe that our lives will just keep getting better and better, but the next few decades will have to be pretty good if they want to beat these last 10 years. You see, today marks our 10th wedding anniversary. I found a woman who would put up with me for ten entire years. All the illegal bookies and nefarious odds-makers that I have talked to today are completely flabbergasted. If only I had known them 10 years ago...

We celebrated the grand occasion in style today. I went to work, like I do most days, and the Wife
stayed home with our three hoodlums, the Girl, the Boy, and the Little One, and, like most Thursdays, she had another toddler-delinquent, the Friend, mosey in for the day. When I came home from work we all (minus the Friend, who had already left. Oh, and the Girl, who had gone up to her cousin's house for a sleepover) scarfed down a couple of face-fulls of spaghetti and meat sauce, and then sped over to a nearby park for the Boy's last T-Ball "meeting" of the year. I call it a meeting because they didn't play any T-Ball games, they just worked on the fundamentals. Despite it not being an actual game, the Boy was still able to run full-speed into one of the other kids while running the bases. I would like to say that my kid was the tough one who did not fall over and start crying. Hey, how about those Twins, huh?

So, despite the momentous occasion, it was a pretty normal day here. The Wife and I are going camping tomorrow, without the kids, so that will be fun. Maybe this next decade will be pretty awesome, after all...

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