Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm on a Streak

In my last post I wrote about how all of our first three kids turned out to be the opposite, gender-wise, of what I was hoping for. I was expecting to get some negative feedback on that one, but happily I can report there wasn't any. Apparently many of you have felt the same way about your own children. Remind me to tell your children that the next time I see them. :)

Well, let's make my streak four for four now. The Wife and I went in for an ultrasound on our fourth child, the Fetus, on Friday, and the results are in: she's yet another girl. So, the Boy and I are going to be even more outnumbered than we already are. The two of us are going to have to pretend to be as manly as can be, just to keep the estrogen and the pink barrettes from overtaking us.

Now there are a couple of things we need to do before she pops out in late November. First, and most importantly, I need to schedule a vasectomy. Next we need to gather up all the newborn boy's clothes we've been storing in the basement and sell them on craigslist. That should fetch a tidy sum. Then we need to sneak into our niece's house and steal back all the newborn girl's clothes we gave her before she had her baby. It will take all of our cunning and skill, but I think we can do it. Just don't tell her what we're up to, OK? Thanks!
This is an undoctored photo of Fetus #4. Even I could tell it was a girl...


  1. Love the ultrasound. Very cool. When my husband had his vasectomy he got lots of advice about what not to do so I'll pass it on. Don't drive home from the hospital. Don't go back to work the same day. Don't walk around much. Allow yourself to be pampered and lie down for the day. We know a couple of men who didn't and boy did they regret it. :)

    1. Thank you for the advice, Linnea! It's nice to know people are looking out for my (ahem!) well-being in this regard. I think the doctor I will be going to pretty much only does the aforementioned procedure on Fridays, in hopes the patient won't go back to work for a couple days at least. I think my main issue (other than fainting on the way into the office, of course) will be trying to keep my current kids from jumping on me for a couple of days.