Thursday, July 16, 2015

Return of the V-Word

In my last post, which was about our newest baby, the Fetus, and the fact that we found out she is a girl, I joked that the first thing I have to do now is to go out and get a vasectomy. The only thing is, that's not really a joke. I do need to, because if I don't, knowing me, I will be writing about a fifth child in a year or so. And that would not be good for anyone involved.

The Wife and I have talked about me getting one of those V-words for the past couple of years, and I would have, probably, except for one thing. Our old insurance company didn't cover them. Can you believe it?!?! Why wouldn't they? I still don't get it. Don't you think they would cover something like that, which costs under $2000, so that they wouldn't have to pay for the birth of a child, which is 20 times that much? It never made good economic sense to me, but then again, I am not good with financial stuff, so maybe there were reasons I didn't understand.

At the time, we never wanted to spend a couple grand out of our pockets, so I kept putting it off. Now we have a different insurance company, so I think it will be covered. Looking back, maybe I should have tried to pay for my V-word via some kind of crowdfunding website, like KickStarter or GoFundMe... I wonder if anybody has ever used those sites to pay for something like that before. I think I might be on to something here...Would you have helped pay for it? Yeah, me neither...
This is the worried look I get whenever I think about getting a V-word.

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