Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Shiny New (Used) Toy

Just a couple of months ago, right here on this very blog, I wrote a glowing testimonial about my beloved 40- or maybe even 50-year-old lawnmower, which, at the time, I was genuinely excited about because it had started up after a long winter. (Read that glowing testimonial here) Ever since then that stupid old mower has done nothing but cause me consternation. If I looked at it weird it would throw one of its wheels, and if I or a nearby chipmunk breathed too hard in its direction the carburetor would blow out a thick plume of black smoke, and then it would sputter and die. My weekly job of mowing the grass changed from a peaceful hour of exercise into an evening of muddled swearing and throwing things (usually the things that were thrown were the wheels that had fallen off).

Thankfully, I recently had the opportunity to get a new hand-me-down lawnmower to replace my old hand-me-down lawnmower, and this one is only a few years old, instead of several decades. I have good feelings about this new one, probably because it's so shiny and new-looking. I, and my neighbors, are excited for my mowing time to go back to being peaceful again. If you see me outside muttering to myself, though, steer clear. That usually means the wheels are about to start flying.
Doesn't it look shiny and new? And look at the wheels! They're still attached!

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