Thursday, August 27, 2015

Backyard Safari

*My apologies to Patrick MacManus, since I stole the title for this post from one of his short humor stories. Hopefully he will never see this, so I won't have to worry about being sued. If you know Mr. MacManus, please keep this under wraps. K, thanks!*

I think every child should go camping in their backyard at an early age. My kids - the Girl, the Boy, and the Little One - just had their first foray into backyard camping, and it was a blast. I, also, had my first foray into backyard camping at the same time. I don't mean to say that my first backyard camping trip happened when I was my kids' age. No, I mean that my first backyard camping trip was just a couple of days ago, with my kids! I thought it was a blast, too!

Our backyard trip had all the fun of a regular camping trip, without the bears. We had a roaring fire which we used to roast both hot dogs and s'mores. The four of us ate an entire can of baked beans, and then heard about it the rest of the night. We sat around in our camp chairs watching the fire until all hours ("all hours" means about 9:30PM to a 3-, 5-, 6-, and 41-year-old). One of us even had a fitful night of sleep because he didn't notice that his sleeping bag was directly on top of an enormous root from the gigantic maple tree that sat a few feet from the tent. In those regards it couldn't have been more like a real camping trip if we had tried!

The best thing was that those of us with the weakest bladders (that would be the youngest and oldest, if you are keeping track) got to go in and use our nice, comfy bathroom when we needed to in the middle of the night. And we all could escape the frigid temperatures in the morning and go inside the house for a toasty breakfast (when I say "toasty" I mean it was warm inside the house, not that we actually had toast for breakfast. Just thought I would clear that up. I could see where you might be confused...)

So, to finish, we had a fun time on our Backyard Safari, and I would recommend all kids and their dad do it at least once. If I ever get the kinks out of my back, I may even think about doing it again. Next time I will make someone else sleep on the enormous tree root!

These are two pics from our Backyard Safari. You'd think I would have noticed the enormous maple tree and its annoying roots when I chose which side of the tent to sleep on...

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