Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Men Being Men...

I left the Wife home alone with our 3.5 kids last weekend, and I don't feel the slightest pang of guilt. OK, actually I do feel a little guilty, but not nearly as guilty as I usually do when I leave the Wife home alone with our 3.5 kids. And because of that lack of guilt, I feel terrible. Thankfully, I know I will get over it quickly.

I went down to Iowa and had a great weekend. I know, I know, "Iowa" and "great weekend" usually aren't used in the same sentence, but this time it's true! Cedar Springs Wesleyan Camp held its annual Man Camp, and since I am a man, I thought I would partake. Let me tell you, my testosterone levels went through the roof! They are just now coming back down into the normal "suburbanite dad" levels, after being up somewhere between "lumberjack" and "Bruce Willis".

A bunch of us guys from throughout Iowa and Minnesota got together and did manly stuff, like archery and fishing and shooting guns and snoring and learning about sled dogs and stuffing ourselves with deep fried fresh caught fish. It was a fun time, I tell you what. I would recommend it to any man who might be reading this. The best part was just hanging out at Cedar Springs Camp right on the banks of the Cedar River, a beautiful oasis amongst the cornfields of northern Iowa.

Now that I am back home in suburbia, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself...I want to climb trees and shoot squirrels and catch fish and do some chainsaw carving, but instead I need to take out the garbage and do the dishes. Maybe I'll watch Die Hard after I'm done...
"Men Shooting Things" by Duane Prior