Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That Is Some Weird, Wild Stuff

The house I grew up in will soon be just a memory, as my parents are getting ready to move into a new apartment. We've been over there doing a lot of cleaning and packing and reminiscing lately, and during the cleaning process we have found some things that I would classify as weird, wild, or even mildly disturbing. Not that I would have expected anything less!

Before my dad retired he was a chemist, and his laboratory was in the basement of the house. Nobody else in the family really knew what kind of crazy formulas dad was concocting down there, and I think we were all happy not knowing. Even though he retired about 10 years ago, there were still a lot of chemicals, beakers, mixing things and other chemistry paraphernalia that we had to go through. Plus it seems that he seemed to be more of a collector of stuff than I had ever realized. When I cleaned off his workbench in the basement I found receipts and instruction manuals that were from the 1960s. He even had the instruction manual from our old metal swingset that rusted into oblivion almost 30 years ago. The flimsy paper instruction manual far out-lived the actual object. Until I chucked it in the recycling bin...

What might get the award for the weirdest thing I found would have to be the pig made out of marzipan. I found it neatly stored on my dad's messy workbench, still in its original bag. I had never seen it before, and had no idea why my dad would have had a marzipan pig laying around. I don't think he even likes marzipan...even if he did like marzipan, why hadn't he eaten it, instead of keeping it for several decades? This pig looked old enough to have become petrified. I found out later that it had been a gift from my sister to our dad after she went to France or some other foreign land that is filled with marzipan pigs. I didn't want to tell her, but it seems to me that giving someone a souvenir pig made out of marzipan is kind of a weird thing to do. I mean sure, I've brought people licorice llamas and fondant goats from my travels abroad, but marzipan pigs? That's just weird.

This was the decades-old marzipan pig I found in my parents' basement. It was delicious, by the way...


  1. Warning: I'm getting caught up on your blog, so expect more comments on old blog posts to come in the next 30-60 minutes.

    I'm bummed your parents are moving. I'm pretty sure I spent more time at your house than anywhere else in high school (not counting Erwin's car). I'm curious about where they moved, but you probably don't want to post that on the internet so I'll wait until the next trivia meetup.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eric. I will let you know exactly where my parents moved, right before I annihilate you on trivia night, MMMMM, enchiladas...