Monday, August 3, 2015

The Weirder the Better, I Always Say...

The Wife and I just got back from a lovely weekend of camping in North/Central Minnesota. It was lovely for a variety of reasons. First of all, it was beautifully sunny and hot all weekend, but the nights were cool and comfortable to sleep in. The bugs weren't too bad, at least if we remembered to put on some bug spray. We were in a very nice park that was filled with trees and wild animals and open savannahs and nice trails, and we had fun exploring. And our van made it all the way to the park and back pulling our pop-up camper, and it didn't die! And, oh yeah, we left the kids at home! Woohoo!!!
These people all look super happy, and I know why...they all went camping without their kids!! They are brilliant!  Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
It was super fun to spend a couple of days with just my lovely bride, as we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We got to sleep in both mornings until AFTER 8:30!, which never happens at home. And we didn't get awakened every hour by some little person needing help to go potty, or whatever else little people need at all hours of the night. I'm usually too asleep to realize what is going on, even if I am the one who is helping said little person. This weekend we sat around in our camp chairs, we went on hikes when we wanted to, we biked around the park, and if we didn't want to do anything, we didn't. It was perfect!

It's almost like the Wife and I were getting to know each other all over again. We laughed. We talked about the last 10 years. We dreamed about the next 10 years. We reminded each other of all the stuff we will have to look forward to as we have another baby in a few months. Then we cried. And then we cried some more. Then we just enjoyed each other's company. I could tell that I made quite the impression on the Wife throughout the weekend by the fact that she told me she had forgotten how weird I was. It was nice.

I would suggest that every married couple get away from the kids and real life for a few days as often as possible. The Wife and I are going to be adamant about doing this again, and not waiting for another 10 years to make it happen. Which brings me to my next question - wanna do some babysitting next weekend?

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