Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Daughter, the Queen

I wasn't sure whether I should write about this or not. It's exciting, especially for my daughter, the Girl, but I don't want to be labeled as one of those parents who focuses only on physical appearances while ignoring the more important parts of child-rearing. I surely don't want to become one of those insane parents on the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras, not that I've ever watched that show....

We got some fun news on Friday. Apparently there was a great big rally at the Girl's elementary school with lots of excited kids and what I would assume to be agitated teachers. I would have been agitated, any way. I think they were trying to build school spirit and get the kids enthusiastic about the school year. Part of the rally was a type of pageant-type thingy, where they crowned royalty for each grade. Lo and behold, the Girl was crowned Queen of the First Grade! How exciting!

She has taken her newfound label of Queen and run with it. And maybe it's gone to her head a little
bit, too. Her first order of business when she got home was to have her younger siblings "knighted". I don't think any of them knew what that meant, though, because they all just pretended it was nighttime and they went and laid down for a while.

Later the Queen tried to get our two annoying dogs to do some tricks. When they wouldn't, the Queen yelled "Off with their heads!" Even though they are annoying, I didn't want that fate to befall the poor mutts, so I quickly shooed them outside.

This is not the type of Queen I am talking about...
At bedtime the Queen asked how long it would take to build a moat around her bedroom to keep the "hooligans" out. I wasn't exactly sure who she was talking about, but it very well could have been me, so I told her to cool it for a little while, and that maybe she should just go back to being the Girl, and not the Queen. She put down her tea and crumpets, looked up at me with her big blue eyes, and said "Yeah, maybe you're right, Daddy. Being a Queen isn't all it's cracked up to be any way. I think next year I will try to win Prime Minister of the Second Grade..." That's my girl!

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