Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wedding Food Review - The Heights. And Other Stuff...

I haven't written on here in a long time. It might be the longest hiatus I have taken since I started writing the ol' blog. It wasn't a planned hiatus. I guess I just haven't had the inclination to write anything recently. I probably could use the excuse that I've been too busy, but if I feel like writing I always find the time. Like now. Now I feel like writing. So I better get started...

We went to a super fun wedding the other night. It was the wedding of some family friends named Trisha & Max. The wedding was very nice, the bride and groom were filled with bliss, all of our kids had fun dancing, there is a fairly good chance they were exposed to foot-and-mouth disease, and the food was excellent, which of course is what I am going to write about.

The reception was at the famed and historic Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights, a suburb of Minneapolis. I am not sure if the food was catered by a restaurant or caterer or what, but it was delicious. First up was a yummy salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I don't eat raspberry dressing very often, but when I do I always like it... Some roasted red potatoes followed, along with two meat options: pork with a yummy gravy on it, or a lovely chicken breast in some kind of creamy sauce. Some brave souls took some of each option, and let me tell you, they weren't disappointed. Both the pork and chicken was delicious, but I would give a slight nod to the chicken, which some people ate copious amounts of. I have it under good authority that the people who did eat copious amounts left Murzyn Hall very satisfied.

In other news, we are getting some work done on our master bathroom. We had a leak in the shower, so of course we ripped out everything in the whole bathroom and started over. The walls are almost all framed in, some of the concrete board has been installed, and we have picked out some of the fixtures. We hope to have it completed by the time Baby #4 arrives towards the end of November. I think that should happen, no problem.

Speaking of Baby #4, the Wife is doing as well as can be expected being 7 months pregnant. She is suffering from fairly regular heartburn, she can't get comfortable in bed, and she is not quite as nimble as she usually is. One good thing is that we are having fun watching the Baby move around in her tummy most nights. Sometimes the Baby gets herself contorted in a position that seems to cause the Wife to be in a bit of discomfort, but that usually doesn't last too long. One time, when the Wife and I were talking about her abdominal unease, I told her that I knew what she was going through, since I had just eaten an entire can of black beans for lunch. That went over about as well as you would expect.

So anyways, now you're all caught up on our lives. I'll try to update the ol' blog more often from now on. I'm sure you can't wait...

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