Saturday, November 14, 2015

Real Time

I was going to title this post "Having a Baby in Real Time", but if I went with that, knowing me, my descriptions of things might get a little too graphic for most people, so I decided to just change it to "Real Time". That's a little more vague, and will allow me to divert from whatever my initial intentions were without anyone knowing. If you haven't noticed before, my main goal with this blog is to take you in random directions on a whim without you even realizing it. I think I am doing a pretty good job at that, wouldn't you say? Or am I......?

Well, now that I got that seemingly insane paragraph out of my system, let's move on to what's actually going on around here: the whole family is working feverishly to get ready to bring another baby into the house. As of right now, we have exactly 11 days until the due date, but signs are pointing to it happening earlier than that. The most obvious sign is when the Wife looks down at her swollen tummy and yells "YOU NEED TO COME OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!" I guess the Wife is getting a little tired of being pregnant...

So, we have been trying to get stuff ready. What is probably most important is making room for the crib. Despite the fact that we will soon have 4 children, we usually haven't used a crib of our own; most of the time we have borrowed one from our good friends, and we are doing that again for this fourth child. We picked it up last night, and the Wife and the Boy got it put together and in place in no time. I helped out by handing them screws and springs as needed, and generally just staying out of their way. The Boy showed natural aptitude at using tools and screwing things in nice and tight. He must get that from his mom, who is quite handy. I have learned how to use quite a few tools over the years, but I wouldn't say any of that knowledge ever came naturally... Instead of a handyman, I would be considered more of an elbowyman. But, I can get things built, or taken apart, given enough time and bandages.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, we're having a baby in eleven days or so... I better get back to getting things ready.

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