Friday, December 25, 2015

Baby's First Christmas

The Baby celebrated her first Christmas today, or more accurately, I should probably say that the Baby was alive for her first Christmas today. We didn't really do any celebrating of any kind. The celebrating will come later. Today, instead of celebrating, the Baby was rudely awakened at a time that was clearly too early for her liking, strapped into her car seat in our Standard Issue grey minivan that everyone with at least two kids is required to own, and accelerated at high speeds for a distance of almost 700 miles, where she was then squeezed and tweaked and passed around by relatives who had never met her before. Yes, we did some long-distance traveling today - the first time we had ever done such a thing on Christmas day. I enjoyed it very much. There wasn't much traffic. The kids were all relatively good. I didn't do anything to make the Wife too upset. It was about as good as a cross-country trip with four young children can go. I'm sure the return trip will have its fair share of controversies, but today, the Baby's first Christmas went quite well. Merry Christmas everybody!

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