Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bed and a Bucket

I am not really sure how it can happen, but I have seen it twice with my own eyes in the past two or three years, and my eyes have never lied to me before, so it must be true. My brain sometime tells me a fib, but since it happened just last night, I think it is fresh enough for me to be quite sure that my brain is being truthful for once in its life.

Here's what happened: It was the middle of the night, and the Wife was up on one of her many excursions into the Baby's room to give her a snack. Upon the Wife's return to our room, she noticed the door was open to the bedroom that our other three kids sleep in. She also noticed a gross smell emanating from it, much like that of human regurgitation, if you know what I mean. A third thing she noticed was the Boy, coming out of the bathroom across the hall. Since the other two cohabitants of that bedroom were still asleep, she asked the Boy if he had gotten sick in his bed. "No. I just had to go to the bathroom", he said. When the Wife went into the room to investigate, she did in fact find "sickness" all over the Boy's bed, covering his several blankets, most of his stuffed animals, and all over his pillow. Yet he had no recollection of being sick. I wouldn't have believed it was possible, but I remember one night a couple of years ago when we found the Little One, sound asleep in her crib one morning, surrounded by sickness that had happened at some point during the night. What a crazy thing to sleep through...

So, the Boy was feeling quite a bit better tonight, but we still made him go to sleep with a bucket in his bed, just in case. But, knowing our kids, even if he does get sick again, he'll probably sleep right through it. If that happens again at least we won't have to wash out the bucket tomorrow...

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