Saturday, December 26, 2015

I've Made A Huge Mistake...

We need your help, ladies and gentlemens. We made a huge mistake last Christmas. At the time we had a paltry three kids, and apparently we made the foolish mistake of thinking we weren't going to have any more. So, we went to our friendly neighborhood major retail store, otherwise known as Target, and purchased three super-cute matching Christmas stockings. Now, as you may have heard, we have a bustling four children, but when we have gone back to Target to get another Christmas stocking for the Baby, we have been totally unable to find another. So, we are asking for help in rounding out our collection of stockings. Below is a photo of the three we already have. The two red ones are for our first two girls, so since our latest child is also a girl, we would like to get another one of them. If you happen to see one in your local Target, we will be happy to reimburse your money, all the way up to full retail price...Let me know if you find one. And Merry Christmas, again!

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