Thursday, January 28, 2016

Guess The Lie - Results Show

Last week I invited you, my loyal readers, to try to Guess The Lie. I wanted you all to put on your detective caps and try to think like me, going through an entire blog post in order to figure out where the lie was. Many of you sifted through the clues, checked the evidence, and racked your brains trying to figure out exactly where I wasn't telling the whole truth. And it makes me extremely giddy to announce that you all failed miserably!

Yes, not a single one of you got the correct answer. But, I am feeling especially nice today for some reason, so I decided to round up the names of everyone who sent in a guess, throw them in a hat (actually it was a cardboard box since I didn't have a hat handy) and pick a winner. I am happy to announce that Kayla M. from Bartlesville, Oklahoma is the big winner. We will soon be dropping a lavish gift card in the mail for the store of Kayla's choice. Congratulations Kayla!

As far as the Lies go, I am not going to reveal what the lie actually was. If you'd like to continue to do some sleuthing on me, I invite you to keep sending in your guesses. Maybe some day we will find somebody who truly understands the way I think. Let's hope, for your sake, it isn't you...Moooohahahahahaha.


  1. I originally thought you must have just gotten a hole in one and the lie game was an elaborate means of telling the world. Then I realized we're in Minnesota and if you were out golfing last week, you're even crazier than you appear. :)

    PS- I still think sliced bananas are slimy....

    1. Yes, I was definitely not out golfing last week. Maybe next week.... :)

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  3. You've never been to Valleyfair.

    If I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure I'm extremely wrong and that we actually went there together.

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