Monday, January 4, 2016

I Rest My Case

This country already has a billion laws, right? So, why not add another? I am not a lawyer, but I watched Schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid, so I think I am the perfect person to propose this new law, and I am pretty sure I will have the full support of most of the parents out there reading this...

I want to propose a law that bans two-week-long Christmas vacations from school. My kids got two full weeks off from school this Holiday Season, and they just about drove me insane over the course of that time. If they weren't punching or screaming at each other, they were staying up too late and turning into screaming/convulsing zombie children. I'm sure the Wife probably doesn't remember the past two weeks quite as badly as I do, but her mind doesn't think like a blogger, so she is able to push aside the awfulness better than I am. Or, maybe I just like to exaggerate more than she does. Whatever. All I know was that I was super excited to send the little scoundrels off on their respective school buses this morning!

So, hopefully I can get this law passed before next Christmas. Wish me luck! Now, what am I gonna do about summer vacation.....

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