Monday, February 15, 2016

Poll: Star Wars...Yay or Nay?

I have a dilemma on my hands, and I want you to help me through it. Knowing that you are the type of person who reads my blog, I may be giving your opinions too much credit, but I am man enough to know when I need help, and sometimes it just doesn't matter whose opinion I am listening to... How do you like that ringing endorsement? :)

I recently found my stash of old Star Wars action figures from my childhood. Knowing that my childhood was a long time ago, I figured that these ancient relics might be worth something. They are worth something, but not nearly enough to make me quit my day job. So, I think I will keep them in the family and pass them on to my kids, which I have a lot of.

Here comes the dilemma. I want to pass these toys on to my kids. They love action figures. They love to play. They have seen most of one of the Star Wars movies and seemed to enjoy it. The Boy even got some Star Wars jammies recently.

But...they never put their toys away. They lose everything. At one point in their lives, every single one of their toys has been lost for at least 15 minutes. So, should I trust these kids to keep my beloved old toys in as good condition as I did all those years ago? And what about all of the tiny implements of destruction that all of these action figures came with? Those will definitely get lost and/or broken within the first few minutes.

So, what should I do? If I keep the toys boxed up under the stairs I probably won't find them again until my grandkids are old enough to play with them. If I give them to my kids now they will almost definitely get lost. If I give them the guns/light sabers/bows and arrows they will for sure get lost.
Let me know what you think I should do. I will intently listen to all of your feedback and then do whatever I feel like doing, because I am stubborn like that. Here are the options:

A. Keep them boxed up, possibly forever.

B. Give everything to the kids now.

3. Just give them the action figures and save all the implements for their college graduation presents.

D. Keep them for myself and play with them after the Wife and all the kids go to bed.

Thank you for your help!
Two of these things are not like the others...Can you find the two odd ones? And, what are they all doing on Jake's Pirate Ship? Is the Millenium Falcon in the shop?


  1. It seems completely with them after the family goes to bed.

    1. Wanna come over and join me? Bring your Ewok Village.

  2. Which two are not like the others? Easy - Darth Vader and Batman are the only ones wearing a cape.