Monday, March 14, 2016

Easy Baby!

We have had some easy-to-handle babies in our house over the years, and one terrible one. But I think our latest baby, the Baby, might be the easiest of all. She is chill with a capital "C". She is exactly what two geriatric parents needed. Thankfully, God decided to give us our terrible baby when we were still young and spry enough to handle her. Now that we are well into our 40s, and slightly decrepit, a terrible baby might have put us in the nut house. Thank you, God, for having mercy on us!

Yup, the Baby is certainly very chill, and most of the time extremely giddy. She might very well be the happiest baby in the History of the World. I am going to contact the people at the Guinness Book to see how they measure that quality. Look for the Baby's name in their next edition...

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