Monday, March 7, 2016


I finally found something that I have in common with Justin Bieber, which I wouldn't usually go around bragging about, but I thought this commonality warranted a blog post, mostly because I haven't had much inspiration lately, so any idea that popped into my head would seem like a good idea right about now...

Yes, both Justin and I are sorry. I am not exactly sure what Justin is sorry about, because I am not very good at deciphering the lyrics of pop songs. But I am sure that his latest "hit" song is titled "Sorry", so I assume he must be sorry about something. I could speculate that perhaps he is sorry about existing, but that would probably be giving him too much credit...

I also am sorry, but it's not for that same reason. I am sorry about one of my recent blog posts, in which I posted a photo of our most recent baby, the Baby, in which I had "zombified" her. I haven't received that many negative comments about a photo since I handed out my senior photos to all my friends way back in 1992... Please know that I didn't really turn her into a zombie, I just used some fancy online software to make the photo of her look like she was a zombie. She, in fact, is still a fully human baby, and only eating the things she is supposed to be eating, like milk, and her hands, and any small object she can grasp with her not-fully-developed finger muscles. So far, that does not include other human's flesh. So I can most assuredly say that I am 99% sure that she is not a zombie. I apologize for any confusion I caused.
We're both very sorry!

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