Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I love food, probably more than the next guy, especially if the next guy is some skinny dude who doesn't like to eat. I can prove my love for food by telling you that I currently weigh much more than I used to. I won't go into the specific numbers or anything, other than to say I now weigh about 70 pounds more than I did when I graduated from high school, even though I am just about the same height. I don't know how you feel about this paragraph, but I am finding it to be a little depressing...

So, let's talk about something else, shall we? Like how we just started the Baby on real food. If you have been reading this blog since its inception, and if you haven't...why not?, you might recall that the Wife and I start feeding our kids differently than most parents do. Right before the Girl was born 7+ years ago, the Wife discovered a "new-fangled old-fashioned" way of starting babies on solid food, in which they actually eat solid food, not pureed food that comes in tiny jars at the supermarket. And it's not pureed at home in a turbo-charged food processor, either. It's not pureed at all, it's just solid food, as in a hunk of hamburger, or a slice of apple, or even a piece of steak. It's known around the world as "baby led weaning", and there are books and websites about it. It's quite the phenomenon, even though babies learned how to eat actual solid food for eons before the food processor and tiny jars were invented.

We have loved it with all of our kids. They were feeding themselves within a few days, we didn't have to spend time pureeing or lugging around jars of food, and we didn't have to try to coax our babies to open wide enough to cram some disgustingly liqufieid "peas" into their mouths for them to spit out a millisecond later. They became more dexterous by holding their own food, they got to learn about all the different textures of food and not just the texture of puree, and they learned to eat what we were eating, so we were able to share in the eating experience. I would highly recommend you check into it, you know, if you have a baby that's around 6 months old...

We just happen to have one of those kinds of babies, the Baby, so we started her on solid food about a week ago. She has had steak, chicken, sweet potatoes, hard fried eggs, an apple, bananas, and broccoli. There has probably been more that, but I was too busy eating to take notes...If you want to learn more about baby led weaning, check out the links above, or feel free to talk to me. What are you waiting for...?

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