Saturday, June 18, 2016

4 Kids - 3 Kids = Excitement!

Our three oldest kids, the Girl, the Boy, and the Little One, decided to go on a week-long vacation without their mom, their baby sister, and me. One day, about a month ago, they just informed us that they had decided they were leaving right after school got out for the summer, and they didn't even ask us if we wanted to go with. I found the whole idea rather surprising, you know, because the three of them, combined, are barely old enough to get a driver's license. So, how were they going to go on vacation? Turns out they must be smarter than I give them credit for, because they conned their aunt into taking them. She didn't invite the rest of us with, either...

Without those three scoundrels running around and being loud in our house, you would think that this week would have been relatively peaceful for us, but you would be wrong. Dead wrong. Remember, we still had the Baby, who, despite being happy and giggly much of the time, is still a baby, and so is prone to fits of rage or at least orneriness. For some reason which nobody has ever been able to figure out, sometimes babies fight taking naps, despite the well-known fact that naps make us happy. I absolutely love taking naps, and look how happy I am... sometimes. But the Baby is in a stage where she fights naps, and so is not happy, which makes her mom and I not all that happy, too. So, there's that.

We had another bit of excitement early on in this week, when the Wife woke me up in the middle of the night and told me it was time for me to leave the bedroom because my snoring was shaking the foundation. Actually, I don't remember what she told me, but whatever it was made it obvious I needed to leave, and the quicker the better. Thankfully the three kids were gone so I could sleep in one of their beds. If they were home I might have ended up on the floor with the dogs, and they snore worse than me. At least I used to think they did...

Later on in the week we had even more excitement, when the Wife walked into our laundry room and noticed that the concrete floor and the rugs that were on it were much more squishy than usual. There was water everywhere! Ugh! After some careful sleuthing on the Wife's part, she determined that our super-old water heater was leaking. Ugh again! Plus some other carefully chosen words that were muttered under our breaths... Thankfully, nothing on the floor was ruined, and we got the old water heater emptied quickly. But, that meant no hot showers for a couple of days until we could get a new one installed. Today, our good friend and most superb human being, Joe, came over and installed the new one for us. I watched him and helped when I could, and I think I could probably install one now, if need be, but I didn't want to try to install this new one, you know, because it uses natural gas, and natural gas + a moron who doesn't know what he's doing = no good. So we asked Joe to come do it, and he did. What a most superb human being, huh?

Well, the kids come home tomorrow, so our lives should go back to their normal, boring ways. I'm kind of glad we'll have four small children in the house again, I am getting tired of all the excitement!

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