Monday, September 12, 2016

2 Kids, 1 Bus

Our two oldest kids, the Girl and the Boy, finally started school last week. I want to write that I had been looking forward to that day since June, but that would make me sound like a bad parent, so I won't. But they did start school, and for the first time, they both rode the same bus. Last year we had three kids riding three different buses at three different times, and let me tell you, our mornings were quite chaotic, if you couldn't already imagine that. Once the Little One's school starts later this week, we still will have two different bus times, but two sounds way more fun than three.

So, last Tuesday morning, all six of us went down to the bus stop to send the two oldest kids off in style. We got there a few minutes early, just to make sure we didn't miss it. It was sprinkling, so we all huddled underneath my giant golf umbrella. We talked about all the friends they would see on the bus, just to soothe any possible nerves. We talked about all the fun stuff they would learn and do at school. It was a fun time of bonding for all of us.

Then the bus came. I was expecting a long, drawn-out, mushy goodbye. I thought the Wife might shed some tears. I thought the Girl and/or the Boy might whimper a little as they got on the bus. I thought that I might be an emotional wreck for the rest of the day as I thought about the sadness that happened that morning. But no. Both the kids ran off to the bus and didn't even look back. They were ready to start the year. They were ready to be done with us for the next 8 hours. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but it was kind of sad, too, only in a different way...

This is what happened when the two older kids went off on their first day of school...

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