Friday, September 9, 2016

Pigs, Pigs, And More Pigs

Getting back to the State Fair, as I wrote about in my last post, the first animal building we went in was the Swine building. "Swine" is Latin for pigs, if you have never studied Latin. The photo below is of the biggest boar at the Fair. "Boar" is Latin for "pig dude". This one weighed something like 1400 pounds or 6 tons or some crazy number like that. Everything about this boar was enormous, as you can see from the photo. I thought about censoring the photo to hide his enormous tiddly bits which are somewhat visible on the right side of the photo, but they don't make him cover them up in person, so I guess he's not embarrassed.

Staying in the Swine building, we watched some kind of competition between much smaller pigs than the above-mentioned boar. The competition consisted of about 10 people walking around in a large pen, each one with a medium-sized swine. I believe the judges were judging the pigs, and not the people, but it was difficult to determine exactly what was happening for sure. Each person had an implement that looked kind of like an extra-long fly swatter, and they were gently swatting their pigs in their behinds and/or flanks to get them to walk around in a dazed and confused manner. Most of the pigs seemed like they would much rather be taking a nap in the corner instead of parading around in a mass of pig chaos. I took the photo of the chaos below from well outside the pen, since I didn't want to get trampled by dazed pigs. I put my money on the older gentleman in the green shirt, because I figured he was the most experienced of all the pig people and therefore he had the best chance of winning the competition, but he was a little slow, physically I mean, and wasn't able to keep up with his pig very well. That meant he (the pig) was more chaotic than the rest, so, even though it looked like he would have made a delicious slab of bacon, he did not win this competition. Oh well, I will try to win my money back at next year's sheep round-up.
We spent way more time in the Swine building than I would have ever expected. Pigs are an interesting animal, when you get right down to it. If you ever have the chance to stare at one for an extended period of time, you may be amazed what you notice. The Baby had been staring at the pig in the photo below for hours, and now she gets mad if we don't have pork chops at every meal... It's a weird deal, I tell you what.
Speaking of a weird deal, we also walked through the Poultry/Bunny building. This building is filled with rows and rows of chickens. Now, I like chickens, but even I think there are too many of them in there. But that's not the weird part. Along one wall of this building was a small stage surrounded by some aluminum seating, like you would see at a little league baseball field. These seats were filled with people, so I assumed they were there to watch some kind of chicken competition. I made a beeline to see what was going on, and so I could try to figure out which rooster I should wager on, when I noticed that all these people were looking at...nothing. There was no judging going on at all. No Barred Plymouth Rocks were on the stage. No Blue Andalusians were strutting around. There weren't even any bunnies being shown off. Nothing. I guess all these people were either really eager for the chicken judging to commence in a half hour, or they just needed a place to sit down after hoofing it all over the fairgrounds all day. Perhaps they might be on to something...

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