Monday, September 26, 2016

Stuff I Read

I know how to read. But that doesn't mean that I actually read all that much. I very much prefer to write instead of read. I have often heard that people who like to write are usually voracious readers. I guess that, in this facet of life, much like most of the other facets of my life, I don't do what most people do. I'm cool with that.

I do read some things, though. Some of the things that I read quite a bit are books of short stories. Specifically fly fishing or outdoor humor stories. The two authors that I read the most are John Gierach and Patrick McManus. Mr McManus' stories are very humorous; Mr. Gierach's are not supposed to be humorous, but oftentimes some humor creeps in any way. Both men are prolific writers, and I have read and re-read most of their work.

I also like to read maps and atlases. Sometimes, if I need something to read for just a few minutes, for whatever reason, I will pull out one of my many DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers, which are map books for an individual state. I have the DeLorme Atlas for eight or more states, and looking through them helps me to relive past trips, and daydream about future ones. If there's one thing I need to do more of, it's daydream, although nobody else would probably agree with that...

You would think that, since I am a blogger, I would read a lot of other people's blogs. But, really, there are just a few that I keep up with. probably is my favorite right now. Eddie writes great stories about his fly fishing adventures here and abroad, and I feel like I can live vicariously through his posts. is another fun one, and I am not just saying that because I was recently asked to write a guest blog post for it... I also read my buddy Bryon's blog,, which is a faith-based outdoor blog in which he sometimes writes about our ventures outdoors. You should definitely check that out, too.

Other than that I mostly go back and re-read my own posts here on Chaotic Kids & Clutter and my fly fishing blog, The Riffle. I do that so that I can find any errors or typos I might have made, and also because I am a normal human being and I find my own life to be highly entertaining. Hopefully my readers agree...

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