Friday, September 16, 2016

The Champ, No More

I got soft. I got weak. I didn't practice. I didn't do what I needed to do to remain the Champ. I found out what happens when I don't do those things: I get beat, like a drum. I would like to say that I put up a good fight, at least, but that would be a lie. I got demolished. I got annihilated. It was ugly. It was no contest. I guess all I can do now is wish the new Champ the best. And offer to get him a bucket if he feels like he needs to puke...

I am talking, of course, about the eating contest we have at the Endless Shrimp festivities at Red Lobster! Every year at this time, Red Lobster offers their Endless Shrimp deal, and every year I go and eat as many shrimps as it takes for me to feel like I am just about to die, and then I stop. My record is 11 plates of shrimp, which I figure was well over 100 shrimps, and nobody I had ever gone with had ever come close to matching my feat. OK, some had come close, but nobody had ever beaten me. I figured my record would stand until long after I was dead and buried, probably from overdosing on shrimp...But, no, it didn't even last until my 43rd birthday. Oh, the shame!

Having my record broken is one thing, but having it easily broken, by two people on the same night, is another. It was slightly humiliating. If I wasn't having so much fun watching those two guys, Keith and Dave, gorge themselves, I might have even gotten a little sad. But, as it is, when I woke up this morning, I was no longer the Champ. That title has moved on to my good friend, Keith, who ate 15 plates of shrimp last night. If he ever wakes up, I'm sure he will wear that title proudly. Way to go Keith!

My friend, Adam, showing off the remnants of a plate of shrimps he had just devoured.
Just some of the carnage I created whilst stuffing my face with shrimp scampi all night.
Adam, left, and the new Champion, Keith, on the right. This photo was taken about halfway through the meal. He still  looked this alive even after he finished his 15th plate of shrimp! It was a very impressive showing.

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