Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Birthday Baby

The Baby turns 1 today! Woot woot!! She has been waiting for this day for weeks. I could tell that she was sick and tired of being 0, and was super excited to finally be a real number. What a silly girl!

This first year of her life has flown by. I have two theories as to why that is. First, I am really old, and I recently realized that as I get older, time goes faster, making me get older much more quickly than I used to. And, that also makes the Baby get older much faster than our other kids did at this age...

The second reason that this first year of the Baby's life went by so fast is that her closest sibling, as far as age goes, otherwise known as the Little One here on the ol' blog, was such a stinker for her entire first year that that first year seemed to take about 12 years. And her second year didn't get any better. That seemed to take about 14 years. Thankfully, once she turned 2, some kind of internal switch got flipped, so she now is happy, kind, and silly about 92% of the time, and only makes us want to pull our hair out about 8% of the time. So, compared to the first year of the Little One's life, this first year of the Baby's life has flown by.

We aren't going to have a birthday party for the Baby today. Since it is so close to Thanksgiving, we will just celebrate on Thursday when everyone is already together. The Wife says that she will make the Baby a birthday cupcake for her to devour after dinner. Along those same lines, I think it would be cool to also make her her own Cornish game hen so she doesn't have to eat any of our turkey. Not sure if that will happen...Actually, I do know that that is not going to happen. Maybe next year, when the Baby will be double her current age. Woot woot!
I have a feeling we will be celebrating the Baby's birthday on Thanksgiving most years, so she better get used to this view...