Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Thoughts

Oh man, I just can't get enough of this election. Hasn't it been fun? And here I thought all the fun would end after the results came in at the end of Election Day. I thought that once the results were in, and one of the candidates was declared the winner, life would go back to normal and everyone would stop talking about the candidates until January, when whoever won would take office. But no, now that it's over, people are talking about it even more, and some of them don't seem too happy about the outcome...I never knew how much fun it would be to hear half the country complaining at the same time. What a blast!! If you couldn't tell, this paragraph should have been read in a completely sarcastic tone.

Well, since everyone else wants to keep talking about the election, I thought we would hold our own election here in the Chaotic Kids & Clutter offices, also known as our kitchen. In the past month or so, we have become a family filled with English Muffin lovers, and we always get the best, Thomas' English Muffins, also known as "The Original Nooks and Crannies English Muffin". It's true that Thomas' muffins are filled with nooks and crannies, but which part of the English Muffin would win the popular vote, the Nook or the Crannie? I decided to go around the room and ask everyone which part of the English Muffin they would vote for.

Here are the results:

Obviously, since I am the only person in the room who would come up with an election like this, I went first. The Nooks are really fun, but then again, I've always liked a good Crannie...after as much deliberation as I could pack into the time it took me to swallow my bite, I decided to vote for Crannie.

Total: Crannie 1, Nook 0

Next I asked the Girl, who is right behind me when it comes to English Muffin love. I probably shouldn't have let her hear which one I voted for, but I did, so she seconded my vote for Crannie.

Total: Crannie 2, Nook 0

After the Girl, I asked the Little One. She does not eat as many English Muffins as the Girl or me, but she has been known to scarf one down if it's got a big ol' slab of hard butter on it (she is definitely her daddy's girl! Woot woot!) She didn't seem to know the difference between a nook and a crannie (remember, she's only 4), but after some careful thought, she voted for Nook.

Total: Crannie 2, Nook 1

The Boy was nowhere to be found.

Total: Crannie 2, Nook 1

The Baby crams bites of dry English Muffin into her mouth as fast as she can, without any butter, which proves that she might be deranged. Also, she can't speak a lick of English.

Total: Crannie 2, Nook 1

I think the Wife was tired of my shenanigans, or at least I assumed she would be, so I didn't get up enough courage to ask her...

Final Vote Tally: Crannie 2, Nook 1

The Winner: Crannie, in a landslide!

Congratulations to Crannie on its amazing win. I only hope that it doesn't let this victory go to its head and do something stupid like bomb North Korea. I don't want to regret voting for it...